Ivey League Landscapes Website Design and Branding

The owner of Ivey League Landscapes, a new landscape company, contacted me to create a logo for his business, business cards, vehicle graphics and uniform graphics. My client initially had a friend create his website, but it didn’t look very professional and he heard over and over again from potential clients, that he needed a better website. My client was happy with the prior work that I had done and contacted me to redesign his website. After talking with him about his business, I knew the direction that we needed to go. The website needed to focus on the creativity that he brings to landscaping. He was thrilled with the slogan “Specializing in Creative Landscape Solutions” and loved the new website design. His clients agree and his website helps to validate his company and showcases his work. Link to website: iveyleaguelandscapes.com

Design Services Provided

  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Business Cards
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Uniform Graphics

Ivey League Landscapes Logo Design

Client pencil sketch.

Final logo design based on client sketch.

I love it when I am able to create a design that really means a lot to my client. The logo design for Ivey League Landscapes started with a design that my client had been drawing since he was a student in school. I used his sketch as a starting off point and incorporated design elements playing on the name Ivey and colors that would work really well for the landscaping business. He was thrilled with the finished design. I then created business cards for his brand new business and signs were made for his truck. My client was so excited about his logo that he had it embroidered on shirts and jackets and even carved into a beautiful wooden sign.