Google My Business is Now Offering Service Areas

Are you a small business owner that has not been able to add your business listing to Google My Business? You are not alone. I’ve heard many business owners complaining about this very issue for years. Some of the reasons that companies have not been able to activate a Google My Business listing in the past include the following:

  1. Not having a physical location for a business where customers visit
  2. Service type companies that only run their businesses from a work van or truck, no storefront (Examples: contract workers that provide services like painting, handyman services or companies like landscaping companies)
  3. Businesses run out of a home office. Most people are not comfortable listing their home address on Google for their business.
  4. PO Box used for a business address.

Big News for Small Business Owners and Service Companies!

Google My Business has made a change that is the solution many business owners have been anticipating. With these changes not having a physical location or storefront is no longer a problem. Google My Business has now added the option to use service areas for your business. When you add your business to Google My Business, you are given the option to choose “No” for the question, “Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office?” If you run your business on the road or from a home office, you can now add your listing on Google using service area. When you check “No” for adding a location a customer can visit, you are then taken to the question, “Where do you serve your customers?” This gives businesses the opportunity to list all of the areas that they service and have a chance to come up in searches for those areas.

How to Add Service Areas to Existing Google My Business Accounts

Business owners that already have a Google My Business account, now have the option to add service areas to their business information. Follow these steps:

  1. Log-in to your Google My Business account
  2. Click Info on the left sidebar
  3. You can locate the Service Area section directly below the address.
  4. Add your service area information. You can add cities, postal codes or other areas.

The verification process for new Google My Business accounts is much faster if you choose the option to receive a phone call or text instead of receiving a postcard in the mail. I walked through this process for a customer a few days ago and their Google My Business listing was live that day. Note: Some listings may take longer as it does state that Google may take a few days to review. Now all that is needed for a complete listing for my customer’s business is to get their customers to add reviews, but that is a topic to discuss in another blog post.

To read a blog post from Google about these changes to Google My Business, click here.